Switchring is a two-piece, interchangeable ring

The outer piece = the Switchring is made up of two rings fused at the base.  

The Wedge = a crescent shaped ring that slides into place.  

Hundreds of Combinations

When you mix & match the Switchrings, you get fantastic combinations of colour and texture!

Every time you get a new Switchring, the number of combinations you have multiplies!

About Switchring

  • For Everyone

    From size 3 to 13, Switchrings are designed to be worn and loved by women and men

  • If you love to stack

    Then you will love Switchring! Get the look of stacked rings that actually fit together and feel comfortable!

  • Forever

    Switchrings make great wedding bands! Designed by folding an infinity symbol in half, forever is built into the ring

  • Handmade

    Each ring is handmade in Canada. The rings are cast in solid 14k gold or .925 sterling silver - the majority of the metal is recycled

  • Mix & Match

    You do the Mix. You do the Match. Choose silver or any colour of gold. Then choose a texture or pattern. You can also add gemstones or diamonds!

  • Be Original

    Switchring was invented and patented by Julie Dyck


Why doesn't it fall off my finger?

The two pieces fit together before you put it on your finger but once you are wearing the ring, your finger holds the pieces together. You are the essential piece of the puzzle.

What's my ring size?

The best way to determine your ring size is to have a jeweller in your area size your finger. If your Switching is too big or too small, we can exchange the unworn ring for the right size. 

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